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There are Rocket League servers down

If you’re account this, there’s a acceptable adventitious that you’re actuality because there are Rocket League servers down It appears as though, with the Rocket League Rocket Canyon amend due to go live, the Rocket League PS4 servers couldn’t handle the ache and they’ve burst aloft themselves. Here’s what’s traveling on with the “Error while communicating with Rocket League servers” error, whether it’s affecting any added consoles or services, and if there’s annihilation you can do to fix it. Spoiler: I achievement you accept a acceptable book to flick through.


Unfortunately, as of writing, they a lot of absolutely are. This will stick in the craw of abounding acquisitive to try out Rocket Canyon 1 but, as the Rocket League Keys PS4 servers are down, there’s no way you can currently use the Rocket Pass, at atomic on PS4.Reports are advancing out of Reddit suggesting that the Xbox One adaptation of the bold is artless so, appropriate now, the alone Rocket League servers down are those on Sony’s side. The Nintendo Switch and PC versions are aswell currently working.

Publicerat klockan 02:17, den 29 oktober 2018
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