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It’s a assurance that they knew

When Wasteland, the aboriginal map with a non-standard layout, was added to aggressive play, it had the aloft accident bulk as any one of the variants and banknote of the accepted map, authoritative its actualization rare. The added non-standard map, Neo Tokyo, was removed from ranked circling aural a year of its introduction, reworked as a accepted map, and afresh added ashamed into the pool Rocket League Crates. At no point was the non-standard map accident boosted, so if a new accepted map was introduced, Aquadome, the likelihood of seeing Wasteland or Neo Tokyo was added reduced.

The a lot of contempo accession map to be added was Starbase ARC, a map that was octagonal in shape. It’s fun to blend about on, but there’s a acumen a lot of sports don’t admission a acreage with a breadth that is according to its amplitude - it doesn’t plan so able-bodied in austere aggressive play. It didn’t absolutely fit into Rocket League, either Rocket League Keys. The point is this: by accepting the accident bulk of these maps so low, Psyonix never absolutely committed to introducing non-standard maps to the aggressive scene. Instead, they reacted to a articulate majority on Reddit by abacus a map preferences arrangement in December 2016 that reduces the likelihood of seeing maps you downvote. It’s a assurance that they knew, or were at atomic learning, which map architecture admission formed for Rocket Alliance and which didn’t.

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