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Monday will be accessible new agreeable for the game

Noticia original: Actuality we accompany you acceptable annual for the admirers of rocket league items. Apparently, next Monday will be accessible new agreeable for the game. It is the Velocity Crate, which includes an added vehicle, six stickers and engine babble that can be acclimated in cars. In case you do not apperceive what Crates are, accepted in Spanish as Cajas, we can say that, calm with the Keys, they aggregate the microtransactions of the game, which acquiesce you to alleviate objects. Keys can be purchased to alleviate Boxes, which action adapted items for our vehicles. In addition, the Keys can be exchanged with added players online.

Our new 'Velocity Crate' debuts this Monday, December 4th with a new Battle-Car in the centermost of the stage The 'Imperator DT5' is taken out of your dreams, powered by synth after-effects and futurism forth with six new stickers and motor audio that can be acclimated in a lot of added action cars in your garage.

Publicerat klockan 01:56, den 26 februari 2019
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