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Rocket League rings in Summer aboriginal with its latest in-game

Rocket League Items rings in Summer aboriginal with its latest in-game event, absolution 12 new items that you can buy with accident currency, forth with the cast new Bank Bang crate. The Bank Bang Accident is reside now, and will abide until July 2, at 8pm EDT. Admitting this amend ability fly beneath the alarm acknowledgment to the activity of E3, the new summer-themed items are alarming and you'll absolutely wish to access abundant accident bill to acquirement the rewards you like. You can alleviate shells (this event's currency) by commutual online matches, both aggressive and non-competitive. So far I've becoming about 12 shells per match, acceptation a lot of rewards should alone yield a few matches to purchase. Below is the account of the rewards you can barter in your shells for, including "Mr. Pineapple" in case you've consistently admired you could accept a agreeable pineapple as a topper.

Players aswell accept the befalling to acquirement Decryptors, which alleviate crates analogously to accepted keys, except any apart items will not be tradeable The Bank Bang Accident allows players to acquirement up to 5 Decryptors, but they amount 100 shells, bifold the amount of the Spring Fever Accident crates. Thankfully, the accident bill bead amount seems to be college than during the Spring Event, so you shouldn't accept to play too abounding added matches to aggregate them all.

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