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Maple Leaf bill to acquirement items from NPC Bobby's shop

MapleStory M Mesos, the arch MMORPG accessible on Nexon Launcher and Steam, is bringing anniversary fun to its players with a all-inclusive new agreeable update, agreeable Thanksgiving events, and superior of activity improvements.Starting today, Maplers can now accompany Chaos Raids in their two admired dungeons, Shadow Altar and Moonlight Fortress, followed by the Ludibrium Clock Tower Chaos Raid on November 30th. Chaos Raids are challenging, straight-to-boss 10-player dungeons with acceptable adversity and absurd rewards for players such as weapons and Legendary gear, including Extreme, Rare, and Panic.Between today and Dec. 6, the Turkey Terror limited-time accident is accessible to all players Lv. 10+. During this event, an astronomic agrarian turkey is arch an aggression of Maple World. Players can acquire the “Defeat the Agrarian Turkey” circadian adventure from Ruby in Queenstown and complete to acquire the absolute "Dashing Turkey Mount.”

There will aswell be a Maple Harvest accident during the aforementioned time anatomy area players can acquire "Maple Leaf" bill to acquirement items from NPC Bobby's shop. There are aswell altered titles to acquire from assorted in-event quests in a bright 3D block universe, MapleStory 2 is one of the a lot of artistic and customizable MMORPGs accessible on the bazaar today. MapleStory 2 accouterments a able-bodied set of actualization options, a cast new progression and advance system, and world-building tools, redefining the MMORPG brand by giving players the adeptness to adapt everything.

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